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Hidrocor-colored contact lenses, with uniform pigmentation and without a limbal ring. The lenses are currently available with power (prescription). Hidrocor is a yearly contact lens that can completely transform the color of the eye. Eyeless Hidrocor colored contacts have no limbal ring and are therefore the most natural contact lenses available. There are many types of colored contact lenses. But, hydrosol lenses are the most popular lenses all over the world. Hidrocor contact lenses are designed to blend with your natural eye color to create a more natural look. . Available in many different color choices and suitable …

The Hidrocor Colour has NO limbal ring, which also means no dark ring on the outer edges of the lenses. It is the most opaque of all 3 types of Hidrocor Lenses. It is the brightest and lightest and did I mention the lightest?

Hidrocor lenses are made from Silicon with a water content of 45%. They all have a base curve of 8.60mm and a diameter of 14.2mm. Hidrocor lenses have a six-month replacement cycle and are available in Plano (0.00 power) and prescription ranges for farsightedness (hyperopia) from -0.50 to -10.00 sph.